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C. Crane Super USB WiFi Antenna - 3 Long Range Booster for a Windows PC #US3


US$ 69,99
This product will be shipped from: USA (International shipping restrictions may apply). Sold and shipped by Radiohaus America
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C. Crane Super USB WiFi Antenna - 3 Long

Range Booster for a Windows PC #US3



Longer Range than the average WiFi Extender - 2.4 GHz.

The Long Range Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 can be the best WiFi solution for home, mobile, RV, student and travel. It plugs into your PC computer's USB port for a powerful WiFi Internet reception. On average you can get 300 to 400 feet even through several walls. Performance: Most people can watch Netflix in HD quality with the Super USB 3 in an average situation. In an extreme line-of-sight test with no obstructions we connected to a network one mile away but speed was significantly reduced.

The Super USB 3 is best suited in a less WiFi crowded area as might be found in the country for a guest house, barn, end of a road or large home. The USB-3 uses 2.4 GHz which is longer range than other bands. (In a WIFI crowded "city" type area 5 GHz is usually a better choice). You can use the 2.4 GHz CC Vector "Extended" Long Range WIFI Repeater System in a WiFi congested area because the narrow beam antenna is not as susceptible to interference.




  • Uses 2.4 GHz for longer range than 5 GHz

  • Installation is usually straight forward but if you have a question or a problem please call C. Crane! Be sure you have your WiFi password!

  • Antenna and 15' cable can be mounted up high, in window or outside for a better connection to a host router or Free Hotspot

  • Low Noise Amplifier for faster throughput and longer range

  • Indoor Outdoor Water Resistant Design (IP65 Rated)

  • Suction cups for window mount included or eye hole for your fastener

  • Includes 15' USB Split Cable for no power loss with weak USB ports

  • 802.11 B, G, and N. Up to 150 Mbps. WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS encryption compatible

  • Works with Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 10. CD included for driver installation or can be downloaded.

  • If you want to use multiple devices we recommend a CC Vector system.

PC Compatibility
Communication: USB 1.1
USB 2.0
OS: Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Included Accessories: 15 foot USB Cable
Driver CD
Quick Start Guide
Hanging Lanyard
Cable Tie
Hook and Loop Material
(2) Suction Cups
(2) Rubber Grommets
General Specifications
Wireless Standard: IEEE 802.11b
IEEE 802.11g
IEEE 802.11n
Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
Antenna Gain: 4.5 dBi
Chipset Gain: 25 dBm
Data Rate IEEE 802.11b: 11 Mbps
Data Rate IEEE 802.11g: 54 Mbps
Data Rate IEEE 802.11n: 150 Mbps
Receive Sensitivity 11Mbps: -91dBm @ 802.11b
Receive Sensitivity 54Mbps: -76dBm @ 802.11g
Receive Sensitivity 150Mbps: -74dBm @ 802.11n
Power Consumption Voltage: 5V±%
LED light: Link / Active
Operation mode: Infrastructure or Ad hoc
Security: WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, 802.1x support
Wireless Broadcast Range: Up to 1 mile line of sight
Certifications: FCC, IP65
Antenna Dimensions: 10" L x 1.4" W x 0.6" D
Antenna Weight: 1.8 oz
Warranty: 1-Year Limited
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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